Nordic Legend HARDWATER LITE Top Plate 8"(Patent Pending)

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Run and Gun with the HARDWATER LITE from Nordic Legend! Super tough to withstand the cold temperatures of northern MN. 39" shaft keeps up upright longer letting the drill do the work. Blaze through the ice with the dual razor-sharp flat blades and avoid skip-out with the built-in centering point.


  • 39" Shaft with lightweight/ durable synthetic nylon flighting & aluminum stem reduces weight
  • Maintains flexibility and impact resistance in cold temperatures
  • Dual flat steel blades offer smooth cutting and break-through and can be replaced. Razor-sharp steel blades along with Center Point Blade promotes stability and smoother cutting
  • Efficiently transfers power from drill to cutting head
  • Bit-saving top plate
  • Fits almost all brands 18v-20v 1/2 in. drill chuck.